300 hectares of vineyards between Veneto and Friuli, the territory is the soul of Tenuta Sant'Anna.

Tenuta Sant'Anna. Venezia. Estate.

The goal of Tenuta Sant'Anna is to produce wines that are the synthesis of the geographical souls of Veneto and Friuli: on the one hand with simple and traditional wines inspired by the rigor of Friuli and on the other with sparkling and lively wines in full Prosecco style, but also elegant and prestigious as Amarone or Ripasso.

To achieve this goal, the area of Tenuta Sant'Anna is very large and includes the territories with the highest agricultural and wine vocation of two regions.

The vineyards around the historic center boast about 6000 plants, a land known and appreciated for the vine since the Roman times that in these areas between Veneto and Friuli had great influence and importance: Cividale and Aquileia in the first place, but without forgetting the centers such as Altino, Oderzo or the ancient Via Postumia, still transitable and working and that at the time united Genoa to Aquileia.

Drink well every day

Historically known for our Prosecco, we were among the first companies to produce single-variety still wines, choosing to enhance the characteristics of each grape type so that the wine could tell its own story about its own region. Wines designed to satisfy every palate and to celebrate every occasion: quality wines, every day. A challenge that has become our philosophy.