The Estate was founded in the 60's in the heart of the Lison Pramaggiore DOC region, where the clay soils of this area were since Roman times dedicated to viticulture, and so throughout the Middle Ages, during which these lands provided wine for the Republic of Venice at the height of its splendour.


Tenuta Sant'Anna has been an active pioneer in viticulture since its very first grape harvests. At a time when wine was on the whole consumed daily, Tenuta Sant'Anna gave it greater significance, producing wines from single vine varieties and exalting the characteristics of each grape, opening new horizons for wine lovers and helping to create a worldwide image for Italian wine.


140 hectares of vineyards are the Company’s most valuable assets, more than anything certifying the bond with the land and with nature. The clayey and impermeable soils, cracked under the summer sun, shape the character of the wines and provide that mellowness and intensity which since ancient times has ennobled these lands.

Adding control and management of the supply chain, from our vineyard to your glass, through the bottling phase, ensures the authenticity and freshness that for years have proudly distinguished our Sparkling and Still Wines.


The commitment to keep in step with ongoing technological innovation has called for constant investment in monitoring systems for all the processes which transform the grapes into wine, and instrumentation which scientifically analyses the health characteristics of each product and ensures durability.


The Company's mission has never changed in more than fifty years: to ensure distinctive products, in line with the expectations of the most demanding consumers, able to resist, and often improve with time.