Semi-Sparkling Wines

The same characteristics of excellence of sparkling wines of the Tenuta Sant'Anna range are visible in the Frizzante: second fermentation in isobaric tanks and a pressure close to three atmospheres, for a soft and pleasant perlage. Finally with the screw cap closure, which guarantees product freshness and ease of use!

Prosecco DOC Frizzante

This is the Prosecco of the rural tradition, an intriguing spumante, made using the technique of the string instead of the muselet or wire cage for sparkling wine, and with a pressure inferior to that which is usual, at the most of three atmospheres.

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Chardonnay Frizzante IGT Trevenezie

The classical Chardonnay Frizzante distinguishes itself for its agreeableness and for the care taken in its preparation. A fresh taste that matches well and alternates with a base wine with a good personality. 

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